Monday, January 30, 2017

Visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art

     I visited the Baltimore Museum of Art for the first time, and I really enjoyed walking around observing all that the pieces had to offer. I liked some more than others. Its easy for me to like and understand art if its simple and it's straight forward. There were three paintings in particular that appealed to my inner artist.
     First was Jean-HonorĂ© Fragonard's "Rest on the Flight" oil on canvas painting. I liked it because all the other paintings were nice and crisp but this one was blurry which was one of the ways it looks mysterious. A second way it looked mysterious was that when I looked up close I couldn't see any brush strokes, the whole painting was cracking. To tie all the mystery in, I think the painting portrayed the mystery of God.
     Second was "The Earth and Air" by Yves Tanguy. It's my second favorite painting because its so simple. A big space, with little objects filling it. The design and the execution is amazing and crisp. It's fun to look up close and see the heavy and light lines, and the contrast between color and shadow. It reminds me of the Dream graveyard where dreams go to die in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava girl.
     Lastly, my favorite was John D. Graham's "Landscape of Beucaine, Near Province". I love this piece because it reminds me of my uncles home in Guatemala. He built it from scratch right across from his tire shop. The material looks exactly like the type my uncle used, and also the design of it.
It was just nice to see something familiar that reminded me of my family.
John D. Graham "Landscape of Beucaine, Near Province"

Jean-Honoré Fragnard "Rest on the Flight"

Yves Tanguy "The Earth and Air"

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Visibility by Italio Calvino Reflection

Related image
Sandro Botticelli's "Mappa dell'Inferno"

      Before reading Visibility by Italio Calvino I didn't know what Dante's Inferno was. A movie? A book? A painting? I had no idea all I knew was that it had something to do with the concept of Hell. It seems to me that there just some things that are easy to imagine, but hard to explain, put on paper or draw, its just easier from your head. On the topic of imagination, it was cool to be explained the process in which we imagine as people, because we've always imagined ever since we were children when your parents tell you a bed time story or possibly even from the womb you imagine what it's like on the outside.

Art Show Reflection

Essentia- Ink Bias: Seven Tattoos by Rob Moore Reflection

  Essentia was the theme for the art exhibition in the Julio Fine Arts Gallery from December 14th to January 22nd. While walking through and looking at all the art work, I really enjoyed a work by Rob Moore called Ink Bias: Seven Tattoos. I've always wanted a tattoo but my Hispanic heritage (in general) and my mother look down upon tattoos. My mom always asked me "Porque te vas a manchar tu cuerpo" which translates to "Why are you going to stain your body?" and if I got a tattoo without her permission, she wouldn't be very happy. But she told me I could get one once I'm 22, because she wants to see if me wanting a tattoo is a phase, which is a fair compromise. I don't like that tattoos are judged upon because it's not your body it's theirs. Sure to some it's disturbing but it's their body in the end, and everybody has a right to their body, as long as they don't hurt themselves in a negative way. I think tattoos are cool and should be appreciated, tattoos are art, just as much as those on the walls.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Whole Ball of Wax by Jerry Saltz

Genesis Romero

The Whole Ball of Wax by Jerry Saltz Reflection

          To me, Art is a painting on the wall of a museum, or a sculpture down town, but in reality art can be anything. A poem, spoken word, and even makeup. I agree that Art can change the world through other people and not necessarily by it's self. It takes a certain eye and person to appreciate and understand the art and the message is trying to represent. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who understand art completely (unless its really straight forward),but I enjoy seeing art and pondering in my own thoughts and emotions. Through these experiences, this is where people get inspired to change themselves, their community, and the world.