Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Studio Project Analysis + Semester Reflection

For my final Studio Project, I decided to embrace my artist, Frida Kahlo in her most famous style of painting. In a portrait.  The elements that I drew from Frida were her portrait, the identification of her culture, and what she was going through in life. The eye path of my painting starts from the middle and into a circle counter clockwise, however this is relevant to the person and but it's preferred if the viewer looked from left to right to understand each section of my painting. When drawing and painting myself it actually took me four times to make it just to my liking and I still doubt that it looks like me. I had to make my facial features proportional and not too cartoonish and also big enough, but small enough that I would still have space to draw other things. It was also very hard to mix colors for flesh tones that would match and I even had to add water to make it just right. Out of my chest comes a lotus flower because I feel like what the lotus flower means and how it grows represents my life. Meaning that the flower grows from the bottom of muddy, swampy waters to bloom as a beautiful sight at the top. I know that Frida paints many flowers throughout her paintings so I wanted to add that as well. At the top of my painting I put both the flags of where my family comes from. Guatemala on my mothers side, and El Salvador on my fathers side. Frida also used many different ways to represent her Mexican culture like painting her traditional Mexican dresses that she usually wears or the Mexican flag as well. At the bottom section I split night and day on either sides of my body. The night and day goes with the boat called "S.S Dreams" and it's journey to paradise. At night waves are more aggressive and during the day it is smooth sailing. When ever Frida painted, she painted what was happening and what she was feeling in that moment in time. So the journey of the boat is because I feel like I'm never going to get to my dreams and accomplish what I want because I'm weighed down my many things right now. Color wise, I used the primary, secondary, tertiary color schemes.

Semester Reflection:

I enjoyed Studio Art very much, it was very fun to be able to explore my creativity in many ways not just painting but also photo shop and textures. I definitely know how to think in many different perspectives and can use that in my everyday life. However, the things assigned in class were difficult to keep track because various things were due each class like a reading, blog post and project and sometimes I forgot to do the blog post or readings.