Sunday, January 29, 2017

Art Show Reflection

Essentia- Ink Bias: Seven Tattoos by Rob Moore Reflection

  Essentia was the theme for the art exhibition in the Julio Fine Arts Gallery from December 14th to January 22nd. While walking through and looking at all the art work, I really enjoyed a work by Rob Moore called Ink Bias: Seven Tattoos. I've always wanted a tattoo but my Hispanic heritage (in general) and my mother look down upon tattoos. My mom always asked me "Porque te vas a manchar tu cuerpo" which translates to "Why are you going to stain your body?" and if I got a tattoo without her permission, she wouldn't be very happy. But she told me I could get one once I'm 22, because she wants to see if me wanting a tattoo is a phase, which is a fair compromise. I don't like that tattoos are judged upon because it's not your body it's theirs. Sure to some it's disturbing but it's their body in the end, and everybody has a right to their body, as long as they don't hurt themselves in a negative way. I think tattoos are cool and should be appreciated, tattoos are art, just as much as those on the walls.

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